Associate Professor Northeastern University

Midsummer Philosophy Workshops

Paulina Sliwa, Nick Treanor ran an annual series of workshops, the Midsummer Philosophy Workshop 4 times between 2014 and 2017.  

Workshops on Intentions

Small Workshop on Intentions

On February 21 - 22, 2014, my colleague, Professor Ulrike Heuer,  and I are leading a workshop on the moral significance of intentions.  Participants include Joseph Raz, Richard Holton, Fiona Woolard, Helen Steward, Erasmus Mayr, Chris Bennett, Dorothea Debus, and Victor Tadros.  

Large Conference on Intentions

On June 9 - 11, 2014, Professor Heuer and I have organized a larger conference on the moral significance of intentions.  Participants include Michael Bratman, John Broome, Helen Frowe, Nishi Shah, Julia Markovits, Sarah Paul, and Ralph Wedgwood.  

Philosophical Explorations will be publishing the proceedings of this workshop in 2017.

The Yale-Penn Interdisciplinary Workshops

For four years, I worked with Adrienne Martin at Penn Philosophy (now at Claremont McKenna) to organize interdisciplinary workshops bringing together philosophers, law faculty, psychologists, literary theorists, and social scientists to present papers on a particular topic.  

  • 2007 - Trust (philosophy, law, economics)

  • 2008—Narrative and the Construction of the Self (philosophy, psychology, law)

  • 2009—Imagination, Mind and Morality (philosophy, psychology)

  • 2010—Utopianism (philosophy, history, literary theory, law)